Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Use Assessment Certifications to Renew Your ICF Credential

The International Coaching Federation Certified Coach programs provide a strong credential for coaches focusing on professional development. At Discovery Learning, Inc. we have been asked many times whether our product certification process qualifies for ICF credits. We decided to do a little digging to determine how coaching-related product certifications in general can count towards your ICF certification.

While Discovery Learning is not an ICF-certified training provider, our certifications may be used to fulfill Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours. CCE hours are a necessary component in credential renewal. A certain number of the required hours can come from a non-ICF certified provider, like Discovery Learning, as long as the curriculum of the training relates to the development of coaching skills. Many coaches use resources like individual assessments in their practice and the ICF makes provisions for this type of training. 

Certification in one of Discovery Learning’s individual assessments falls under the category of Self-Study in Resource Development Continuing Coach Education. For credential renewals, 16 of the 40 required hours can come from Self-Study. 

Certification in a DLI individual assessment typically takes about eight hours, which accounts for half of the total Self-Study Resource Development CCE hours you need to renew your ICF credential. In order to submit our certification process in an individual assessment for credential renewal, you will need to provide the following two items:

1. A certificate of completion from the training provider
2. A detailed overview of the curriculum to be reviewed by ICF

We can provide both of these required items for you upon request when you complete your certification. I spoke with a representative at ICF to better understand the requirements for the certification renewal process. She pointed out that right now these are the only two requirements for getting Resource Development credits. However, in either November or December participants looking to get credit for CCE and Resource Development credits will be required to fill out an application that details the coursework and ask the participant to relate the training to their professional coaching. For more information about our certification process, read here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments or give us a call.

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