Monday, April 28, 2014

Influence Style Indicator Product Update and a Free Trial

Here at Discovery Learning, Inc. we are constantly working to improve and enhance our products because we recognize that even great stuff can be made better.  We also recognize that we don’t have all of the answers when it comes to product improvement.  Therefore we make a concerted effort to capture as much feedback from our customers and key users as we can and we use that information to help drive our product development cycle.

This week we are happy to announce the release of an updated version of Influence Style Indicator.  We have integrated feedback from ISI key users in the redesign process and are really happy with the results.

We have made Influence Style Indicator easier to administer and facilitate.  A common issue that was brought to our attention was the difficulty of printing off participant reports one at a time.  We are pleased to now offer batch report printing functionality which greatly reduces the time and input required by the assessment facilitator.  We have also revised the layout of the report page to make reading and understanding your individual report more intuitive.

We have also expanded our class leading normative data by adding new grouping capabilities.  Facilitators can now better contextualize their participant data by accessing our updated Facilitator Tools which now includes information regarding differences in age, gender and nationality.

In order to help get the word out about the updates to Influence Style Indicator Discovery Learning, Inc. is making a free trial available.  Upon completing the contact form you will have the opportunity to participate in the online version of the assessment.  After you finish a member of the DLI staff will contact you with your results.  This is the first time that we have made one of our assessments available for free on a trial basis and we are excited to be able to share Influence Style Indicator with the world.


Unfortunately the free trial of Influence Style Indicator has ended.  We hope that those who were able to participate had a great experience using the tool and participating in the subsequent webinar.  DLI will continue to run these types of events in the future.  We encourage you to follow our blog to stay up-to-date on when these events will occur.  Thank you again for your participation.

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