Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What American OD Professionals Need to Know about Canadian Managers

In 2004 a Globe Study presented the most thorough analysis ever of cultural differences. In that study, North American managers were all lumped together in one category. But we know that there are important differences in the way Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans go about doing business. So we conducted our own research based on our Influence Style Indicator data. 

Analysis of influence style preference data for American and Canadian managers reveals some interesting and potentially important differences. American managers are significantly more likely to use asserting and rationalizing as influence styles than are their Canadian counterparts. Both of these influence styles involve strategies that resemble advocating for one’s position – appearing more pushy. Canadian managers are more likely to prefer an inspiring style when attempting to advocate for their position. This translates into emphasizing the common good and telling contextual stories. These differences provide ample opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication. The American manager is more likely to use data and logic while the Canadian manager responds with context and mutual benefit.
Of course there are similarities. When it comes to negotiating and bridging, the most preferred influence style, there are no significant differences. 
For more information about influencing differences in American, Canadian, Indian and Singaporean managers click here.

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