Monday, October 14, 2013

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Following Up on a Simulation

Effectively facilitated simulations provide learning that lasts years beyond the experience. Strategic post-simulation activities are critical to this sustainability, and an effective facilitator will seek out and play a key role in this process.

Some post-simulation activities that keep both the experience and the learning alive include:
  • Taking photos during the simulation and posting them on your company's website
  • Setting up an interactive learning community group, intranet blog, social networking site, or website
  • Encouraging participants to share their learning experience with others in the organization
  • Posting the key concepts learned during the experience on a learning community website.
You need to remain active post-simulation to increase the satisfaction that comes from making a real contribution to a group's ongoing performance.

You should take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the group, their function, and the learning objectives of the organization and the participants because these best practices will help you more effectively facilitate any simulation.

What additional simulation follow-up tools or strategies have been effective for you?

Please share your insights and questions by posting comments below. For help in selecting the right simulation, pairing a simulation with an assessment, or learning how to become certified to use any of our simulations, visit our website at or use our Contact Page. We have compiled extensive data to inform us about the best simulation and assessment instruments for different circumstances.

This post was extracted from an article by Chris Musselwhite,  Sue Kennedy, and Nancy Probst, originally published in T+D magazine (American Society for Training and Development).

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