Thursday, May 23, 2013

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Part 3: Holistic Approach

In Part 2 of this series, we provided an integration framework for addressing your organization's evaluation of change readiness. In this post, we'll offer a more holistic approach. 

•  How high is your change awareness? 
•  How do you scan the environment for new opportunities and market changes?
•  How about your change agility?
•  Is your organization able to engage and deliver changes envisioned by leadership?
•  How quick and appropriate is your change reaction?
•  Does the organization effectively assess risk and manage unplanned change?
•  How well are your change mechanisms performing?
•  Are organizational structures and systems capable of supporting the implementation of change?
    The answers will be different for every organization, but the questions have never been more relevant or more important to the survival of your company. 
    Once you integrate the information about your organization’s change readiness revealed by examining your company’s change awareness, change agility, change reaction, and change mechanisms, you can assess and quantify your change readiness from four important strategic perspectives: 

    1. Problem projects. What are the forces behind the failure of current change initiatives?

    2. New initiatives. What can the organization do to increase the chances of the success of future initiatives?

    3. Macro analysis. What can the organization do to proactively increase its overall capacity for innovation and change readiness?

    4. Metrics: How can the organization measure its efforts to increase its change readiness and benchmark progress along the way?

          Remember, your organization’s change readiness isn’t just one capability; it’s an integration of many factors. By considering all of them, you can gain a better understanding of organizational change and the current change readiness of your own organization.

          With this understanding, you can begin to develop the characteristics that increase change readiness (and extinguish the ones that stand in the way), creating a change-ready organization that that will thrive and improve because of change rather than simply survive it.

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          The posts in this series are adapted from "Change Readiness" by Chris Musselwhite and Tammie Plouffe, originally published in American Executive.

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