Thursday, May 30, 2013

Create a Culture of Development

Few argue the wisdom of success planning.

With the number of years an employee stays with one company now at an all-time low, identifying who to invest in is more important than ever. Instead of gambling on a few high-potentials each year, why not create a culture of ongoing assessment and development for all individuals throughout the organization?

Within your management ranks, you already have all the manpower you need for this task. No one knows better the performance, leadership potential, skills, and development needs of an individual than the manager who oversees their work every day. When managers are responsible for the development of their reports, they begin to think beyond getting the job done today to thinking about the skills their people will need to do the job in five years. This big-picture thinking keeps companies agile and able to meet constantly changing market demands.

Do your managers have the appropriate resources for leadership development?

In order to create this culture of development, there must be a shift to supplying managers with the appropriate resources:

Performance reviews

When done correctly and periodically, performance reviews can provide a good view of a person's long-term job performance and can identify development needs long before they turn into organizational issues. In this way, the management pipeline is kept healthy and viable.

360 Assessments

This assessment tool is convenient and anonymous and can provide invaluable insight into a person's effectiveness as well as a very accurate roadmap to guide future development.


Once an area of development is identified, coaching provides the extra push required to help individuals  make sustainable change in future behavior that make them more effective and valuable to the organization.

Action Learning

A well-crafted business simulation provides a learning experience that relates directly to the workplace, allowing individuals to practice leadership and collaborative behaviors and skills in a safe, risk-free environment with quick feedback.

In a culture of development, everyone wins.

Individuals feel valued, managers have better-prepared workers, and organizations gain a management and leadership pipeline that will never run dry.

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Article by Chris Musselwhite, EdD, originally published in L&L (Leading & Learning) Lead-zine.

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